This week I attended the Knitwear Chanel to Westwood exhibition. It was a brilliant exhibition, especially if you have an interest within knitwear. Sadly photography wasn’t allowed within the exhibition but the cashier kindly informed me that I would be able to find press shots online.

I went in not knowing really what to expect. I was impressed to say the least. The exhibition was broken down into mini collections that each had their own titles and a section of information about them.

One that particularly caught my eye was ‘Chic Crochet’. I tried to write as much information from the section as possible and then discovered that it was already provided in the exhibition guide. Luckily for me. I remember the outfits looking boxy which was the style in 1920s when crochet was apparently a popular choice of fashion. From dresses, tunics to jackets; crochet was everywhere during this era (not just the flapper!).

I was also intrigued to see how much knitwear was used to create sportswear. My designers mind would say that it would be too hot, not waterproof & likely to smell. Although in my modern snobbiness, I was reminded that these were created in the 1920s. Knitwear was a popular choice for golfers (which continues today).

Needless to say, I could talk about this exhibition all day – I learned a lot.

I was also happy to find a “Make do & Mend” postcard which featured the original 1940s design.


From this visit, it was beneficial for me to see actual 3D garments that had functions. I discovered that most of the display items were from the Butterfield’s (knitting enthusiasts).

It is important to see physical items when researching as it helps me visualise the possibilities of designs. I tend to jump to the end when I start a project and instantly create finished outcomes without any initial influence. So attending this exhibition has helped me to put on the breaks and want to research other areas. Focusing on the process and pave my way to the finish.

I think this has helped me to establish that I don’t want to create entirely crocheted garments. Which is a good progression for my development.


From this exhibition, I am going to look into the Butterfield’s to see if they have any interesting insight about their collections. I am also visiting the V&A tomorrow to see their wedding dresses exhibition as I believe this will be another visual inspiration & beneficial to my development.


041mendknitwear-SPOTLIGHT-open-640x360 dsc_0651


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