This week I’ve been researching the Louise Goldin brand. A clear starting point was the website.

URL: www.louisegoldin.com

I found it was minimalistic, it featured little information other than a video display of Goldin’s latest work and contact details for internships, press & sales enquiries.

Unlike most designers, Goldin has chosen not to include any background information about her, her design ethos or clientele/target customer.


From this research, I have learnt that Goldin uses her website as a business tool of communication. It’s features suggest that it is focused on her brand as a company rather than her as a designer. There is little personality in the website which to me says that Goldin slightly separates herself from her brand, that it is about her future not her past.

I believe that her website suggests that Goldin is a very private individual and doesn’t like to boast about her success. Since starting this project I have discovered this as I’ve had to really research in depth to find most of the information about her from reliable resources. Which makes it slightly harder but more interesting at the same time.


As part of this project, I have to complete a presentation that consists of online platform research. I want to look further into Goldin’s online presence and also explore if her collections are sold anywhere other than directly through her website.

This is my diagram analysis of Goldin’s website, pointing out all the features and my interpretation of this as a business tool. 

Louise Goldin Website


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