I’ve been planning my essay today by pulling on all the research that I’ve done so far. I like this concept of relationships & clothing, how we attach ourselves to certain possessions and hang on to them. I also like the comparative research I’ve start with couture & commercialised fashion and how we are a wasteful society. I think that these are strong contextual topics that also fit in well with my major project concept which is centred around crochet & handmade, personal elements mixed with commercial pattern cutting.


These areas of research relate well to the frameworks I want to use to construct my essay:




Looking at these topics separately, both have strong arguments & my research is going to be an important part of picking the key elements to write about. But it has also made me see how contradictory they are of one another.

Because we have an emotional attachment to something, we create the value of the object. Generally the object is worthless, probably functionless and has no monetary value but we struggle to part with it. Yet we throw away perfectly functioning clothes because we can replace them.

I was trying to think whether I have anything that I haven’t been able to part with. Something that sprung to my mind was my first pair of high heels. I can’t remember how old I was when I got them, but I remember how excited I was & how much I adored them. One thing I know for certain is that they do not fit my feet anymore!

It’s probably a stereotypical thing for a girl to keep her first pair of heels, or something gender specific! But to me they were important, a big part of growing up. And the reason I don’t want to get rid of them is because they remind me that feeling when you’re younger and you get something really special for the first time. They have a memory attached to them. They’re not worth anything but it’s sentimental.


I’m going to continue with my research of comparing commercial & couture, but I am also going to look at emotional attachments and how this works against the throw away culture of today. I’ll continue to think about my own attachments & if I have any other personal examples. I will also continue to write/plan my essay.


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