After my revelation yesterday of how contradicting my topics were but also how they worked together, I wanted to look into emotional attachment further.

To start with I googled the definition of emotional attachment. That was an unsuccessful search! There is such a thing as an emotional attachment disorder which is more to do with children that are attached/reactively attached to a relative or person. This isn’t the type of attachment I wanted to research.

I remembered that I used the word sentimental in my last post.

So I googled the definition of this and the result was:

Adjective (descriptive)

1. Expressive of or appealing to sentiment, especially the tender emotions and feelings, as love, pity, or nostalgia: a sentimental song.

2. Pertaining to or dependent on sentiment :

We kept the old photograph for purely sentimental reasons.

3. Weakly emotional; mawkishly susceptible or tender:

the sentimental Victorians.

4. Characterised by or showing sentiment or refined feeling.

The definitions support the description that I gave of my own sentimentality.


This is important to my essay work as this could change the how outcome of my writing. If I can be attached to something that is functionless, has no value to others or monetary worth, this surely offers a contradiction on the throw away culture of today?

We don’t throw everything away because if something has sentimental value, a story behind it, then it’s important to us but the leggings that you bought last week are perfectly replaceable so therefore disposable.

We view our possessions as comfort blankets that can offer security or happiness (Robinson, 2014)

But I’ve realised there is also another angle of this attachment. Generally, hidden away in storage, the back of your wardrobe or the bottom of a drawer there is a fashion of some kind. Jeans, a dress, a top, that you can’t seem to part with for fear of one day needing it or that style coming back on trend.

Fashion is a repetitive industry and its consumers know this, there are often vintage or past trend styles that are recalled to the forefront. So we keep things, things we believe we need, there is no sentimental feelings there, but ones of practicality.

I have added these parts to my plan/draft as I think this is a strong context that has relevance to my frameworks.


Tomorrow is my 121 session with Mo, so I’m going to spend the morning finishing off my draft so that it is ready for the afternoon. After my session I’ll action the feedback/guidance that I receive so that I can start writing my essay.


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