As stated in my previous post, I’ve been looking at Goldin’s online presences. Like most designers, I keep track of the commonly used sites such as WGSN, style.com, Vogue etc, but there are more modern, newer sources that have become quick networking tools such as social media.




Through my research, I have discovered that Goldin has numerous social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

It seems that her Twitter & Instagram are more personal accounts rather than promotional ones, her Facebook page however displays lots of information about her brand and current collections.

This was also helpful in discovering more about her sales as she shows her collections in showrooms around the world for potential clients to view & purchase.


From researching further into this area of the Goldin brand, I’ve learnt that modern social media is a quick and successful way to network with other professionals, clients and competitors all over the world. Goldin uses Facebook as a peephole into for her audience to gain a glimpse into her work. This information will no doubt be useful when it comes to my own networking. I already have a Twitter account that I use to keep up to date on current affairs by following all the top names across the world and industries.


I am going to use what I have learnt from this research and start using this for my own exploration. As this project is about growth & learning how to present yourself, I believe that looking into these online sources would be beneficial to my work. As I need to have an online portfolio anyway – I am going to explore these options. This will also help towards my presentation for this unit.

Below is my research from Goldin’s social media platform.

Louise Goldin Social Media


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