• Started by talking about herself, she started in Art but was encouraged to follow other subjects (such as science & other academic ones) but failed at them.
  • She then went back to art & interior architecture.
  • She has over 40 years experience in interior design.
  • “everyone is an interior designer, everyone moves a chair…” (Quoted)
  • Interior design is about everywhere.
  • Building design partnership.
  • Discipline corporation
  • Interiors is a collaborative industry – you’re always in a team.
  • Architect works outside an interior designer works inwards out.
  • A space has to be good creatively but also functionally.
  • Richard Farsen – The power of design
  • Tokyo Fashion School has an interesting design to their building. (find photo)
  • The Red thread – Swedish (Look up for expansion)
  • Skin & bone – exhibition/book.

Below are some images that I took during the talk that detail some of the key information about Iris & her career.



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