This week I have spent my time researching the online resources that could potentially be used for networking and self promotion. I have looked at social media & its benefits as well as other platforms such as portfolio hosting sites.


From looking in depth at these different resources, I am able to make an informed decision about how to display my own work through an online presence. This has greatly helped me and shown me that there are many different options to choose from, all of which have different benefits & advantages. I have decided on using two portfolio sites – Arts Thread & Wix. One I want to use to display all of my best work as you would in a portfolio & the other I want it to be a webpage that will serve as a photo gallery for my graduate collection.




Now that I’ve decided where I want to display my work, I want to look at promotional material. Earlier this year I visited graduate fashion week and one of my most poignant memories of the event was the high supply of business cards & pamphlets that the graduates had on display. So I am going to shop around and research the different companies that offer such services.

Below are the more detailed documents of my research & screenshots of my own online platforms.

Fashion East Self PromotionMy Chosen Platforms


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