Since my last entry, I’ve studied my trend research and used reliable resources to help my development. I have created a mood-board to outline my colour palette and developed my range. I have created a mood board (as seen below) which I have related my illustrations to well. The inspiration for this came from the fabric that I was working with on the stand. I have chosen my six designs and have been developing these using CAD. I chose to develop three dresses, one trouser jumpsuit and two, two pieces (which are a popular trend across all heights of fashion at the moment).


From these designs I have chosen to use one of the two pieces to develop and create my final toile. I think that this will be the one that allows me to include numerous aspects of my experimentation to the finished outcome.


Now that I have chosen my final design, I am going to finalise my development with working drawings and begin to construct my garment – considering what fabric I want to use for my toile as this would need to replicate the fabrics I would use to make this as a completely finished outfit.

Images of my chosen six designs (front & back views).

CPC Mood Board

CPC Final Line Up 1CPC Final Line up back 2CPC Final Line up 2CPC FInal Line up Back 1


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