I have been researching into fashion illustration this week, from past to present. From my research into couture, I’ve noticed many similarities in the illustrative style. Through researching a variety of books & online sources the trends that I have identified with couture illustrations are:

  • The exaggerated slimline, elongated body.
  • The upturned chin, almost aristocratic.
  • The arm on the hip.

When compared to more commercialised methods of illustration, where it is common to see rows of the same illustration but displaying the different designs.




I feel that this is quite representational but possibly stereotypical. I think that couture has stayed in a comfort zone of illustration because it’s aristocratic style was once the actual image of the clientele. Today, the rich and famous are the clients of the couture designers, but the illustrations haven’t moved as much as the people.

In comparison commercial illustrations are a representation of a wider audience, specific to no individual. Throughout my practice, I tend to eliminate the theatrics and create simple illustrations so that the focus is on the garment design, not the illustration.

However, on reflection I believe that this is due to couture being for specific individuals and commercial targeting a general selection.

This has given me something to consider as if I am wanting to incorporate handmade elements such as crochet, does my work become couture and therefore do I need to relay this in my design development?


From this I feel that  I want to research more into the methods of knitwear to get some potential inspiration but also to see how other people have used this in more conceptual designs rather than just commercialised knits.




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