I have devoted my time over the past few days into looking at companies that print business cards/promotional/marketing material. Not only to look at their templates but also for price comparison. Some of the websites I’ve looked at are:








Many of these sites offered the same or similar benefits and services, it was more a choice of what I was looking for. From my research I decided that it would be more creative for me to design my own material. This would allow me to have an individual edge & make them more personal to me. The website I’ve decided to use was Moo. They offered something that none of the others did which really drew me to them. They offer a hangtag product, something that I could also put my own design on to make them consistent with my business cards. They would also add a professional touch to my final collection.


Now I am going to work on my design, and order my promotional material. This will be something that can be linked to all projects as it is promotional but also about me as a designer and my signature.

Below is my research of these online printing sites.

Business card researchBusiness card reseach 2


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