Before I started my trend research, I thought it would be beneficial for me to do some competitive research. As an emerging designer, it is important for me to be aware of my competition and what they’re doing.

I began by researching on the Graduate fashion week website, this was helpful as they display their award winning designers and a few of the designers I looked at were:

Grace Weller

Chloe Jones

Both graduated from Bath Spa university and were featured at the Graduate Fashion Week Catwalk shows. Both of them won the same awards for their work; GOLD award & Best Womenswear.

Their collections were pretty inspiring, I really like the concept behind them and the execution was exceptional.

I even took my research a little further an contacted Grace to see if she had any advice for new graduates. She responded with some lovely advice which I have detailed below in my research pages.


By being aware of my competitors and how they succeeded as graduates, I’ve learnt that taking advantage of as many opportunities as possible is the key to getting yourself out there. Sadly as my uni doesn’t yet feature at GFW, I will need to shout that little bit louder in order to be heard.


Now that I have looked at my competition, I am going to do some trend research to see what is popular on the catwalks right now.



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