Since my last post, I have been working on my collection, designing everything from colour boards/mood boards to design ideas.

I have achieved a lot and am happy with my chosen colour scheme.

I opted to go for a pastel theme with some common elements that feature within my FMP work – as this project can relate to this in some way.

My design style is similar & I’ve taken inspiration from some of my fabric research that I’ve done for my FMP.


Design development is important to any designer as having a range of choices means that you can be more diverse and keep on trend.

I’ve also learnt that trend analysis actually helps the designing process a lot more as it underpins the current fashions which makes it easier to imagine designs within my mind.


I am going to select 10 designs from my range and take these forward to develop further through working drawings and cost sheets.


Fashion East Mood BoardFashion East Moodboard

Fashion East O10 and 11Fashion East O8and9Fashion East Illustrations Three Fashion East Illustrations Six Fashion East Illustrations Seven Fashion East Illustrations One Fashion East Illustrations Nine Fashion East Illustrations Four Fashion East Illustrations five Fashion East Illustrations 14 Fashion East Illustrations 13 Fashion East Illustrations 12 Fashion East Illustrations 10 Fashion East Illustration Eight Fashion East Illustration 11 Fashioin East Illustrations 15 Fashion East Illustrations Two


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