Below are my chosen 10 designs which I have developed further and considered in more depth by creating working drawings for them

I incorporated the final illustration within the pages so it was clear which outfit I was working on, however I will revise this when it comes to my E-Portfolio as I don’t want it to look too repetitive.



Working drawings are an important aspect of the design process as it makes me as a designer think critically & analyse my work.

I ask my self questions like, where would that attach? how would that fasten?

This fuels my constructive thinking and I am able to work in a more effective fashion.

They also tell the reader how to construct the garment – for example if it were to be mass produced then they would need a working drawing in order to work out measurements and understand the garments form.



Now that I have created my final 10 illustrations with supporting artwork, I am going to create a final line up page & then continue to my rationale.

Fashion East WDO10 Fashion East WDO9 Fashion East WDO8 Fashion East WDO5 Fashion East WDO7 Fashion East WDO3 Fashion East WDO2 Fashion East WDO6 Fashion East WDO1 Fashion East WDO4 f


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