Below are the images of my final toile in the making, they show the intricate details of how I created my finished toile so the process can be understood better. It shows the development at each stage.


This is an important part of the reflective process as creating a series of images like this allows me to look back and fully recall how I got from A to B. These photos also show the detailed way I worked, so should I want to repeat this process again at a later date, I can refer back to these images. Whilst making my toile I remembered how much things can change even when you believe your design to be final. I had always planned on using manipulated fabric but it wasn’t until the actual stage in the construction that I decided to make these as a separate element and attach them in a way to create a pocket. As a designer I am constantly learning through my hands on approach and improving on my ideas.


Now that my garment is complete, I will finalise my working drawings to correlate with the final toile.



IMG_8612 IMG_8611 IMG_8613 IMG_8614 IMG_8616 IMG_8617 IMG_8624 IMG_8623 IMG_8621 IMG_8620 IMG_8619 IMG_8618


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