This design project has been enlightening to say the least. I’ve explored areas and topics across the promotional and business side of a fashion brand that I haven’t before.

I learnt how small details count and that connections are one of the biggest assets you can have within this industry.

As an emerging designer, it is important to understand and be aware of the opportunities that are available to me. Of course I may not be as fortunate to win, but getting involved and putting yourself out there is a must.

Since starting this Unit, I have created more online platforms and promotional material than I’d ever imagined – it has been an excellent learning opportunity to display my skills and who I am as a designer.

This project I focused on Louise Goldin and her journey beyond the Fashion East Scheme. I learnt about her work history, selling collections and even her social media.

This also helped me to explore my own online platforms and think about how I wanted to promote myself. I’ve created an online look book, an E-portfolio & a linked in account.

My focus for this project was getting my signature style across – I chose to create a collection that related well to my FMP work but also had clear development of its own.

I’m confident that I explored all the areas I needed to in order to successfully understand the project & execute the work as necessary.


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