I’ve jumped forward on the couture timeline and have been looking at the works of fashion houses Balenciaga & Vionnet.

These are both he legacies of two historical designers but rather than looking back in the past, I looked forward to Spring/Summer 2015 collections.

The aim of this was to identify trends, look at the overall design & look at how couture has changed.

I conducted a lot of image research rather than written articles, although the descriptive overviews on websites such as Vogue & style.com are helpful & insightful.


From this research I was able to identify the following trends;

From this research I discovered a new category of fashion that I wasn’t aware of; Demi Couture.

This is a clear close link to what I want to do for this project as I don’t want to create an entirely couture collection as I want to keep an aspect of commercialised design to my work.


Now that I have identified this area, I believe it would be beneficial for me to do some commercial trend research. Then following this, I will begin some rough design sketches using the following for my conceptual influence;



Trends Past & Present

Vionnet Demi Couture SS201 Two3 Vionnet Demi Couture SS2013 Four Vionnet Demi Couture SS2013 Three Vionnet Demi Couture SS2013 Vionnet SS15 RTW Five Vionnet SS15 RTW Four Vionnet SS15 RTW Six Vionnet SS15 RTW Three Vionnet SS15 RTW Two Vionnet SS15 RTW


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