When I look back through my research for this project, it’s amazing to see where my journey ended up. I started with an image in my head of a largely extravagant ball gown with wavy cut outs all through it.

My research led me elsewhere. After all the 3D development work that I did on the stand and how I experimented throughout my sketchbook, I ended up with something that was centred around texture and quite minimalistic. I have learnt the process of taking something 3D and making it 2D again, as a design factor, this is a useful skill to have – especially for those who want a career in creative pattern cutting.

From my own perspective as a designer, I’ve learnt that I prefer to work 2D and then create 3D – I seem to find that more successful with my designs. My finished toile displays the required elements for this project. I made something 3D on the stand that worked into a 2D pattern. I also incorporated additional textures/trims/finishes for a more creative look overall.

I am pleased with my finished product. I did thorough research and experimentation which led to my outcome.

If I were to make this into a final garment, I would use a similar fabric to my toile – probably a stiffer texture but the weight is good. Taffeta is a good fabric to work with if manipulating as it holds shapes well. I found this through my samples, which is why I chose to make my final toile using it.


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