This week I’ve been looking into current trends within ready to wear collections. As I am taking inspiration from couture design, I wanted to see what other trends are popular this season.

I researched into some well known designers; Givenchy, Alberta Ferretti, Versace but I also took what I’d learnt from Fashion East and looked at some newer designer who haven’t been around as long as some; Holly Fulton

Although there was a clear difference within the overall design, there were some common trends amongst  the catwalks this season;

Pastel colours,

Lightweight Fabrics,

Airy designs

Laser cutting/Geometric Shapes.


Trend analysis is important to any project, even within industry, I would be expected to maintain a level of current trend knowledge as this is how a business works.

Demand & Supply.

If there is no consumer, then there will be no demand, therefore trends allow designers to work with clientele in mind.

Even couture designers work with a specific client in mind – unlike the commercial market where there is a client range instead.


I am going to take this trend research with me when I go to London to do some additional fabric research next week.

FMP Trend Research FMP Trend Research2 Trend Research


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