• He is the senior programme manager for Architecture, Design & Fashion at the British Council
  • British council is present in 109 countries. some of their work is about the english language and education.
  • It is the official organisation that represents the uk overseas, gets some government funding but is not a government company therefore they spend wisely due to it decreasing.
  • They work with british universites promoting them overseas & also work with to promote british arts overseas etc.
  • they aim to bring people overseas to study here.
  • MENA – acronym.
  • there are around 20k people that work for the organisation worldwide.
  • Their arts department is made up of 7 sub teams that work on different disciplines.
  • AFD (acronym for his dept)
  • His background is Graphic Design
  • he looks after east Asia & Americas for his team which is around 47 countries.
  • Architecture & Fashion are hot areas in China, Korea etc..
  • They aim to understand the world better and for the world to understand them better.
  • They create a dialogue and links through various programmes, They promote the internationalisation through showcases.
  • Or they promote work through museums
  • Fellowships – bringing designers to the uk to make work or the other way round to work internationally with other designers.
  • They run 3 showcases a year – International Fashion Showcase is in February (they had 32 countries take part last year from Switzerland to Jamaica)
  • They’re promoting the best of upcoming fashion and also fashion curation. Lots of storytelling involved.
  • Offer a number of awards through the showcase & Estonia won last year. (photo)
  • Korea was another featured country (photo)
  • image of installation – happened near somerset house.
  • They are the only aspect of London Fashion Week that is entirely open to the public.
  • Normally runs for about a week and again is on this year.
  • (Check this for own research as they have talks from the designers so would be beneficial to go – see their website for more details)
  • International Architecture Showcase that they run in June.
  • They had international designers from all backgrounds and paired them with a uk designer for two weeks.
  • They responded to a series of briefs that they gave them.
  • They were raising the importance of a fresh look.
  • They ran workshops and can download a newspaper that documents the architects work & process throughout this project.
  • They want to collaborate practitioners to come up with new ideas.
  • Design Connections (around September)
  • This is primarily to make new connections and meet other professionals.
  • Networking.
  • 10 by 10 – they invite 10 designers to present to the public. Worth going to details on their website.
  • Showed a video about the design connections part of their work & had designers that had come overseas to the UK. They looked at design installations, services, studios etc.
  • Individuals described the experience as valuable, inspiring, exciting and were all thinking about how this has benefited them.
  • Clockwork Jerusalem – the name of their exhibition (Venice Architecture Biennale)
  • The exhibition wasn’t just looking at architecture but also at other details such as modernism etc.
  • New British inventors: Thomas Heatherwick Studio (flame photo – olympic couldren)
  • This is going to open in Singapore in March and will be a tour that visits places such as hong kong etc.
  • They are looking at the wider industry of design such as engineering.
  • Trying to practice design and education in these countries and Thomas is well known over there.
  • next photo (Shanghai)
  • Ice Lab (photo)
  • British research station.
  • The design of the station means that due to its legs – they can be moved if needed.
  • Another Video shown that was about the Ice Lab exhibition.
  • Residencies & Fellowships
  • Sign up to newsletter on their website for opportunities and events etc.
  • Lina Bo Bardi Fellowship which they have been running for 2 years in Brazil.
  • Design Explore Morocco – was another residency about product design.
  • Common Thread – Morocco.
  • They like to create links between other professionals.
  • Maker Library Network (happening between the UK & South Africa)
  • Its about the maker movement thats been happening lately…trying to connect people to work together.
  • This offers an online platform for people to work on together and connect through.
  • Hoping to take this further to other places such as Turkey, Nigeria.
  • This project is part of connect ZA which is a project centred around south africa.
  • Showed a video about this too.
  • Described in video as being about shared knowledge. The maker library being a creative and social place.
  • Tom Tobia – featured in the video & said the learning opportunities through an event like this are intangible. Being involved is a great opportunity.
  • Another individual spoke about designer culture and how this changes wherever you go.
  • design.britishcouncil.org.
  • Is from Sal Paulo Brazil and came to UK to study in Central St Martins.
  • serendipity – be aware of the connections available to you and enjoy, embrace and make the most of your surroundings.
  • Asked about their funding? they fund raise some and then also charge people to sit exams to learn english which they then use to fund other projects.
  • How do you get involved? The best way is to come to events and get involved. you have to keep an eye out and apply for things.
  • Do you have internships? The council itself has internships – you can email him and he can put you in touch with the people that run internships.
  • If you have any questions then you can email him & get in touch.

Below are images from the talk, these detail some of the projects that Joao has worked on.




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