This week I have been thinking about fabrics and what types I want to use for this project. Although I haven’t created a final line up just yet, it’s important for me to research this thoroughly.

I’ve already been to Shepherds Bush & A small fabric shop in a Village near my hometown called Cloth of Gold.

Both of these are mid range in expense, I know that locally in Luton, I have Bury Park which offers a number of cheaper/budget fabric shops that are available to me on a daily basis should I need them

But for this research, I wanted to explore new territory. So I went to Soho in London & Berwick St. in particular.

I’d not been here before and I knew that it has a good reputation for fabric suppliers however, I was also aware that it could be quite expensive.

My visit there was interesting, I didn’t purchase anything but I was able to look at a wide range of fabrics that I hadn’t seen before.

One fabric that I found in a small shop was £65 per metre. I was reluctant to ask for a sample as I thought at that price they would probably refuse but alas..they didn’t.


This type of research is crucial to my design journey – I can look at endless fabrics online but being able to see them in 3D and get a feel of them is much better to understand them & decide if I want to work with them or not.

The fabric that as £65 per metre is far too expensive for me and my budget – no matter how much I would like to, i simply cannot afford it.

Rather than wasting this inspiring find though, I began thinking about it and my concept..then I thought, I could make my own version of this layered fabric by trapping a layer of crochet between fabric.


I am going to test this as a sample idea to see how it works and I am also going to develop my colour/mood/theme boards.

IMG_7573 IMG_7572This was the £65 per metre fabric that inspired me to sandwich my crochet sample as seen below:



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