• Young Creative Network: Jenny & Doris
  • Jenny is the events manager and curates all the workshops there.
  • It is a creative network of people and organisations all around the world.
  • Shorditch, London
  • Support, stimulate and innovate.
  • They have a professional awards program and a student one.
  • Student Awards: they contact a variety of UK based companies then work with them to create creative briefs.
  • Creative directors, brand managers etc are the ones who judge the entries.
  • They want creative solutions..
  • Brands will choose a small group of people to be commended for their entries, then they are invited to the main awards ceremony where you will be able to meet the people that judge your work and network with industry people.
  • Student of the year award. Becky Bryce (Cath Kidson brief) won 2014
  • They have a quarterly published members magazine.
  • YCN shop in East London – lots of new creations from individuals
  • Michael Wolfe (2012 Olympic logo) did a talk at YCN
  • Talks are worth going to as there is always something you can take away.
  • They provide job opportunities.
  • Doris: creative producer – works in the talent team
  • She managed the portfolios on their website and makes sure that they’re always updated.
  • Membership is £10 per month.
  • They help young creators with their portfolio and help them get the most out of their work.
  • Help with projects and advise on costs, they can also help look after projects and ensure that it goes well for everyone involved.
  • Sam Glynn – a graduate that they have helped, his portfolio is displayed in their website.
  • Some of their clients include: River Island, Google, itv, WGSN, Samsung (check website)
  • WGSN, graduate from Bath Uni was asked to illustrate on tote bags for clients (whatever they wanted) which gave each tote a unique edge.
  • Top Tips:

Share your work (through any means)

Love what you do, do what you love.

Be Nice

Be proactive

Present yourself well


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