This week I have moved my design process on to developing my second outfit toiles.

For this outfit I started by toiling the skirt, I wanted there to be some similarities within my collection as this is common on most catwalks. So I took the skirt I made for my last outfit and started working with this.

I wanted to try a longer draped base, which I tested with some cheap chiffon. I didn’t like this on the design so decided against it.

I started thinking that I was trying to overcomplicate my designs like I have done previously – and haven’t had very successful outcomes. So I went back to my designs and started to tweak them. I had overestimated the time it would take me per outfit so I needed to revise my collection and be realistic with what I could successfully achieve and not what I could half throw together. This was a poignant moment in my design process as my designs changed rapidly from extravagant ball gowns to shorter, more commercial clothing.

Once I was happy with revised collection, I returned to making my toile.

I kept my design idea of a crochet panel on the bottom of the skirt and the same strapless top design.

I also toiled a jacket to go with this dress that had a crochet panel at the base as well. My toile worked well, I cut part of the pattern against the grain of the material which was a shame is it made the garment stretch but this was something to learn from and watch out for when making the final one.


When I had my critique line up, it was suggested that rather than having two skirt sets (as I have two trouser sets already), why not extend it into the waist and make it into a dress. So I did I made additional waist panels & used a 12inch zip to make a toile. It worked really well and I was very happy with the finished look and decided that this was what I wanted to make for my final outfit.

Revising my designs like this is a critical & effective method of designing. I am able to identify my own ares for improvement but critiques also help as an outsiders perspective can often see things that I as the designer may not because I’m too close. Taking a step back is good, rushing leads to mistakes and can sometimes strain the design process.


Now that I have developed my second outfit, next week I am going to move on to my third outfit.

This is a series of photos that display some of the processes I tested & completed during the week.

IMG_7606 IMG_7605 IMG_7604 IMG_7602 IMG_7601 IMG_7600 IMG_7599


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