This week I have been developing my third outfit.

This design was probably one of my more definitive. I knew what I wanted it to look like and my toiles worked well. The top was difficult to sew on the toile as there were some sharp corners, I faced my toile inside which looked okay. I used a 6inch zip to fasten at the back, which gave more room to fit a head inside. My first toile worked really well and there was no need for me to try this again.

When I toiled my trousers, I decided to toile the top half of them in actual fabric (silk sandwash) – expensive but effective to see how well it worked with my elastic waistband idea. I’d not worked with such delicate fabric before, and I wanted to get a feel for it. My toile would’ve worked much better if I’d remembered to extend my pattern to allow for the elastic waistband. This meant that when I’d finished the most expensive toile I’ve ever made, it wouldn’t fit the stand because the elastic waistband, had no stretch in it. It was a learning curve to say the least.


When I had my critique for this outfit, the colour scheme was discussed and the pink crochet was perhaps a little too pink against my fabric, which was a salmon-pinkish colour. So to try and tone the yarn down, I experimented with different dying ideas, I tried, tea, coffee, bleach and even fruit tea.

It was a fun way to experiment and some of the results were unexpected, I really like the colour of the fruit tea result as it went a lovely deep berry shade – sadly not what I wanted for this. The best result was the tea, dyed for 2 minutes.

In addition to this, the colour of the chiffon was questioned (too much pink perhaps?) but black was too harsh against the softness of the pink. One of my other toiles was made out of a light grey shade of taffeta which when held up to the silk, created a lovely tone. So with that, I chose to incorporate grey into my collection – this also helped me to break down the sea of black that was also consuming my collection.

Again, this is another example of how helpful critiques and feedback can be. It pushes me especially to be a better designer and think more logically about my work.


Now that I have developed my third outfit, next week I am going to continue onto my fourth outfit development.

Below are a number of photos that show my experimentation with crochet samples and also my top toile development.

IMG_7825 IMG_7826 IMG_7827 IMG_7821 IMG_7822


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