This week I have been developing my fifth outfit, this consists of shorts, a strapless top & a jacket.

I toiled this outfit quickly as I used the upper half of my trouser pattern to make the shorts, which also have an elastic waistband. I also used the strapless top pattern that I made for my first outfit. I thought that this would be a nice consistency within my collection. The toiles were good, fairly uncomplicated to construct.

I also designed a jacket to go with this two-piece. The toile for this worked very well, I created panels along the back of my pattern so that there would be a crochet panel down the centre back.


I was please with my toile, the shorts worked well and again I learnt from my mistake with the elastic and made sure that they were adjusted enough to fit the stand.

I have already come far away from the initial line up that I began with – which is what I anticipated because 2D design is very different to 3D & I’ve realised that I don’t need to make large ball gowns to be conceptual.

The critique for this outfit went well, the only adjustment that was suggested was to make the shorts shorter as they were becoming knee length with the crochet added to the base.


Now I can move on to my final outfit – I hope that this will work well and be a success.



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