This week I have been focusing on making my final outfit toile.

This final design caused me some creative challenges during the toiling process. I wanted to make a loose fitted dress that was lightweight and delicate to touch. My first toile I focused too much on incorporating the crochet and ended up with an ill-fitting finish. The second, I tried to adapt the pattern further but it still didn’t sit right on the stand. I asked for advice from my tutors as I was struggling with a solution. After looking over my design and the fit of it, a possible solution was found.


I went back to my pattern and started again, I kept part of the upper half the same, but lowered the neckline to make it more scooped. Then I extended the skirt half out from under the armhole to make it wider. I then added a panel at the bottom, which would be sandwiched crochet on the final garment. I made a triangular point on the panel but after I constructed the toile, I decided to remove it and just have the panel straight, as I didn’t think it was adding anything to the design.

I was much happier with this toile and it was much closer to what I had imagined my design to be.

This is another good example of my own critical design work, rather than trying to make something work that doesn’t and changing the design completely, I found a way to adapt the design so that it resembled more of what I imagined.


Now that I have made all six outfit toiles, I am going to review my designs, adapt these so that they resemble my final designs more and then start making my final outfits.

IMG_7868 IMG_7869 IMG_7870 IMG_7871 IMG_7872 IMG_7873 IMG_7853


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