This week I created my first final outfit.

When I made my final garment, the stretch jersey idea that worked so well with my toile proved to be a problem with my fabric. The taffeta frayed quite easily which made it a challenge to work with. Also, I spoke to my technician who indicated that the stretch jersey would only function for a period of time. After a while it would become slack and no longer support itself. So I went back to the drawing board to find a solution to my problem.

I looked into fastenings, as I knew that I didn’t want a zip or buttons. I could’ve corseted the back but this wouldn’t have fitted into my design plan. Someone suggested hook & eye tape – like you find on gowns. So I looked into this and how much it cost. I found a bra extension in a craft shop but this wouldn’t have worked, as it was too small. So I bought some hook & eye tape from Ebay instead.


This outfit showed me that even though something worked for a toile, it doesn’t mean that it will work for a final design. My mistake was probably not trying it on a person sooner instead of just relying on the stand.

The problem solving was another area that I can say improved my skills whilst working on this outfit. I am quickly learning that things aren’t always as straight forward as they appear initially.

This worked so much better I my design and I actually preferred the finish to the jersey.


Now I am ging to move on to my second outfit.

Photos of my development:

IMG_8230 IMG_8230 IMG_8229 IMG_8229IMG_8759 IMG_8757 IMG_8756 IMG_8755 IMG_8754 IMG_8753 IMG_8752 IMG_8751 IMG_8750IMG_8514 IMG_8515 IMG_8552 IMG_8553 IMG_8554 IMG_8555 IMG_8519 IMG_8520 IMG_8521 IMG_8522 IMG_8523 IMG_8524


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