This week I made my second final outfit for my collection.

When I made my final garment, it all worked really well, I planned to make crochet on top of the waist panel so it looked like a belt, I wanted to sandwich crochet at the base of the dress.

This wasn’t as smooth as I’d anticipated. I came across numerous problems with this outfit. The organza that I used to trap the crochet wasn’t the most expensive (but the colour was perfect and was the only one I was able to find) when I constructed the garment, I found that it ripped and frayed easily and tried to take extra care – but when I’d finished, I tried the dress on the stand and it ripped entirely. So I had to remake that part again and supported it by adding a crochet binding at the bottom of the dress to protect the hemline.

The next problem I faced was that the top was too slack, and wouldn’t support itself. So I added interfacing to the structure which I thought would be enough. However, to my dismay this wasn’t enough and I had to add straps. They worked well, I used the same satin that I had for the rest of the dress & I was happy with the outcome.

When I made my final jacket for this outfit, I made a crucial error and forgot to not bag out the armholes as I planned to have sleeves on the garment. Luckily for me, this was one of those happy mistakes that actually turn out better. So my jacket became a gilet.

The last change that happened with this outfit was the crocheted panel on the base of the gilet. I attached this to the bottom but it kept making the back stick out at a funny angle and just didn’t hang right. Also, I felt that the crochet was taking over my collection and quickly being on every garment. So I made a design decision and just removed the crocheted panel altogether.


This outfit was another example of how toiles can work and garments don’t. There were a lot of adjustments for this outfit that I hadn’t anticipated but the overall finish meant that I created something that certainly looked more conceptual than it did originally.

I’d never imagined that I would make a crochet binding. I’m also happy that these problems arose as it allowed me to create something that was better in the end.

This worked better and these problems have definitely led me to a stronger design. I am much happier with the final outcome even though it took longer than I’d expected to make. This was the most challenging outfit of my entire collection.


I am going to move on to my third final outfit next week.


Below are a lot of images that show my design process of this outfit – as you can see, it as quite a process and I’m glad that I remembered to document it through photography as words don’t always fully grasp what happened.

IMG_8550 IMG_8549  IMG_8547 IMG_8546 IMG_8545 IMG_8544 IMG_8543 IMG_8542 IMG_8541 IMG_8540 IMG_8539 IMG_8538 IMG_8537 IMG_8536 IMG_8535 IMG_8534 IMG_8691 IMG_8608 IMG_8607 IMG_8606IMG_8604IMG_8603IMG_8602IMG_8699IMG_8698IMG_8696IMG_8695IMG_8694IMG_8693IMG_8594IMG_8595IMG_8596IMG_8597IMG_8573IMG_8574IMG_8575IMG_8576IMG_8577IMG_8578IMG_8579IMG_8580IMG_8581IMG_8582IMG_8583IMG_8584


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