This week I’ve been working on my third outfit.

When I made the final outfit, I decided to line my top rather than use a facing – this was because it made it easier to attach the crochet but it also made the garment hang better with the weight of the crochet. I used the same fabric for both the lining and outer fabric as lining material wasn’t as fluid in comparison with the silk so it made sense to use the same fabric.

Luckily I extended my trouser pattern to work with my elastic waistband so there weren’t any problems with these. I decided that after the success of the lining with my top, I chose to do the same with the upper half of my trousers and line them. This was the right decision as it made the crochet much more streamlined as a whole. I asked for advice with my chiffon base as I wanted to hide the stitch line if possible. I ended up stitching one side and then folding it back on itself. This again worked well and the chiffon sat smoothly on the crochet and created a successful outcome. When making my final crochet panel, I decided to extend it down so that it could be seen through the chiffon and add a scalloped edging on to it to finish it off.


This is another good example of how my toiles influenced my final design. I knew what I wanted to change when I  finished my toile and I actioned it in the final stages of the process.


I’m going to move on to my next outfit.

IMG_8587 IMG_8588 IMG_8512 IMG_8513


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