India Usher
British Fashion Council                                                                                                                                                 Employability

Michelle Everett


Careers & Employability in main campus centre.

  • Lots of resources
  • Drop in sessions
  • Employability adviser

They are about making us more employable.

  • What can you do?

Drop in sessions 11am – 4pm to see someone.

  • Can look at CVs
  • Help with interviews
  • Where to look for work

Booked sessions are 1 hour or longer for more detailed.

Grad schemes 2:1 & above.

Recruitment service in campus centre.

Part-time/full-time/summer placement/internships.

  • Internships made to pay student at least travel and lunch

hireme@beds.ac.uk – Drop in CV for work.

When you apply use the job description to tailor your application.

80% of employers are looking for a ‘can-do attitude’.

Making it happen:

  • Website
  • Job boards
  • Advertise job opportunities
  • Beds/careers

8 seconds for an employer to look at a CV.

Confused? (Webpage on that site could help decide what to do) *HAVE A LOOK*

India Usher

Education coordinator @ British Fashion Council

Key events they held:

  • London Fashion Week

Five strategic pillars


British F.C.
Colleges council

  • Member colleges
  • Events
  • Competitions
  • Seminars


Education foundation

  • Donations
  • Scholarships
  • Apprenticeships

Sign up to letter from London.

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