Concetta Gallo Price

These are some of the notes that I took during the talk.

Worked across many disciplines within the home industry.

Studied ceramics at Bath Spa University, obtained first class degree.

Further study undertaken at the Royal College of Art.

Freelance work secured through Habitat in 2006 > Designed range aptly named ‘Concetta’ (photo). Range still being actively sold > Press coverage gained (Guardian).

Range now sold through Argos (photo).

Jane Eyre mirror > Various works she has done.

Started designing for children (photo) > Worked for UoB.

Has had a sporadic life as a freelancer (Undertook work for Topshop in Christmas 2010 > photo).

From here went on to work for George at ASDA as wanted to take designs to mass market.

Trended retail board for Spring/Summer 2013 (taken in 2012 as works a year in advance) > Lot of images of trend boards > She worked on a lot of textiles while at George.

Jacqueline Bisset

Involves a lot of travel all over the world working with many different suppliers.

Previously worked for George but moved to Marks and Spencer Home.

Design jobs usually require a project undertaken for free (complimentary) which allows the designer to show the work on offer. This allows the employer to scrutinise it and decide if the work is adequate for the job on offer.

Lot of trend boards involved while working for Marks and Spencer (photo).

Sofa – 1920s/30s inspired.

I took a lot of photos in this talk, I really like the mood boards and trends/theme boards that she showed us. Hence the large amount of slides.

IMG_8389 IMG_8400 IMG_8399 IMG_8398 IMG_8397 IMG_8396 IMG_8395 IMG_8394 IMG_8392 IMG_8391 IMG_8390 IMG_8402IMG_8403IMG_8412IMG_8409IMG_8406IMG_8405IMG_8404IMG_8421IMG_8418IMG_8416IMG_8430IMG_8428IMG_8425IMG_8431IMG_8447IMG_8444IMG_8440IMG_8437IMG_8435IMG_8450IMG_8451


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