This week has been a stressful one, probably the most stressed I’ve been through the entire project.

I had a final critique session on Monday which went really well with just a few points of direction.

On my second outfit, I used a visible black zip on the centre back. I thought it contrasted with the gold fabric well and the whole colour scheme of the outfit was black and gold.

It was suggested that if I wanted to make this a design feature (like I had done with my pockets on outfit 4) then it should be more exaggerated and prominent.

So one of my tasks was to decide whether I wanted to leave the design as it was and have a mediocre finish or take it to the next level by adjusting the trims.

I chose to change the zip. I want to know that I did all I could to achieve the best grade possible so therefore I decided that I wanted to change it.

I got a black invisible zip instead – still working with the colour scheme but in a more refined, design thinking way.

I also needed to adjust the waistband on my skirt in outfit one. It was rather slack at the front but on further investigation, I found it was actually the front panel that was too big so I fixed this by slightly gathering this and then reattaching the waistband.

These weren’t the worst changes that I could have been faced with but I am glad I corrected them as I am much happier with the designs now.

I also had my photoshoot this week of my collection for my portfolio pages. I wasn’t able to get my gold dress photographed sadly as I was readjusting it at the time of the shoot and I ran out of time to get a photo taken.


From this I’ve learnt that even when I think I’ve finished, there is always room for improvement. If I were faced with the same choice again, I would still stand by my original decision and change it.

These small details have made my collection look much more professional and taken them to the next level that I wanted.

It’s important to take notice of these small minor trims as I’ve been told in the past; They can either make or break a garment.


Now I am going to finish editing the images from the photoshoot and finalise my portfolio ready for the had in on Monday.

I am also going to write up a design rationale to reflect on my journey throughout this project.


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