This project has really given me some challenges as a designer. I’ve had some emotional ups and downs along the way but in hindsight, I can honestly say its been worth every minute.

I researched my topics – a lot. I thoroughly embedded that I was using crochet in some way from the beginning (by making lots of samples).

My design style has changed so much; I started off with a very traditional outcome in mind with long floating dresses and ended up with a contemporary collection instead.

When I compare the work that I have produced for this project against the first project of this year, it’s clear that I have grown and learnt a lot. My illustrative style has greatly improved and my CAD skills have moved forward dramatically. My collection evidently had a lot more hand sewing involved than I’d anticipated but this has just strengthened my skills further.

My major project was about taking something traditional and incorporating it into modern design. Crochet was always in my mind from the beginning but I had little idea of how to execute it within a collection. The research journey definitely helped my practice. It’s interesting to think that if I hadn’t found the £65 per metre fabric in Berwick St. London that inspired my collection further, who knows what my collection would’ve looked like.

The designing process for me in this project has been tough. I’ve learnt so much, broadened my construction skills within pattern cutting and attempted things I never thought I would. Overall it’s given me more skills than I’d imagined, working with some of the most difficult fabrics I can think of has definitely strengthened my confidence of garment composition.

I think that my collection executes my conceptual design elements well and I haven’t over compensated my message. If I were to do this project again, I would probably change certain aspects from a creative view but for this moment in time, I am content with my designs & feel that

I have created a collection that I am truly proud of.


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