This academic year I have sketched, designed, re-designed, toiled, sewn & designed some more, paving my way through my units. I’ve learnt the true meaning of experimentation, which isn’t just about trial & error. Experimenting is about learning, understanding and building on top of what you already know – its am important part of a process. I’ve learnt not to limit myself to resources and methods of design as shown through my 3D development work; even the simplest materials that are often taken for granted can become conceptual artworks with substance and context if you run with imagination. I have pushed my construction boundaries further than I have before – creating outcomes that I hadn’t even imagined. Colin has once again made me realise that there are endless ways to become inspired, not just through my own discipline of Fashion – which I was able to incorporate textiles, appliqué & other elements to my work this year through some of my projects; FAD, Fashion East & FMP. These projects have broadened my knowledge of diverse designers within the fashion industry and how their work reaches out to people across the world. From my units for this year, I have learnt that no matter how conceptual an idea is, it’s only as good as its execution. I’ve become much more critical of my work and able to understand the importance of aesthetics within a project, this has allowed me to improve on my own work drastically.

When reflecting on what I’ve learnt from my units, I understand that as a collaborative they were intended to enhance my confidence and define my signature style as an emerging designer. This has allowed me to gain precious experience as well as expanding my technical & creative skills by understanding my own processes & capabilities.  I will be able to refer back to these and apply them to my future work. Each project as been unique yet relatable to one another,all encouraging me to apply my creative practice and become an adaptable, diverse individual. It was important for me to learn these new ways of working as I’ve been able to produce a much higher standard of work and I’m not scared of new challenges anymore. I understand that by deepening my research exploration to support my ideas will conceptualise my work further. By completing more investigation into the business side of fashion through my Fashion East work, I have better understanding of different aspects involved within the industry including the opportunities available to graduates and emerging designers. This has expanded my knowledge of this industry perspective and will be essential to my career after University. From the experimental learning process that I have been on this year, I am able to gain inspiration from unconventional research. My work allows me to reach out as a designer exploring new territory, through the implementation of design methods such as these. I have taken something from every unit this year and have managed to implement this within my work, as I hope to continue to do in my future career.

As I was introduced to some projects for this year, there were times were I felt negative and that I wouldn’t enjoy the work that I would have to produce. FAD was a tough project to begin with, researching into a non- creative industry to explore similarities was really a challenge. I’ve  learnt much about myself through my work this year. One thing that I feel is particularly important for future reference is that as a designer, As remains from my previous years,  I am adamant that I want my work to stay ethical & humane. My signature style is quite commercial with quirky, textural elements. It is essential that I research into current issues so I am aware of potential threats that could affect my work; environmental, political, ethical & social. My Major project was a tough but exciting journey – it was a lot of research, development and re-working aspects that sometimes pushed my emotions beyond stressed. But overall I am happy that I have thoroughly researched my projects & gained new perspectives allowing me to execute my work aesthetically, imaginatively, creatively & successfully

I hope to graduate with the best degree possible and go on to either post graduate education, graduate schemes or possibly I could be lucky enough to obtain full time employment. University has been a life changing experience and I can honestly say that I will remember the skills that I have learnt forever and carry them with me through my career.


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